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Research My HouseWhen buying a house, one must conduct a property research first. A property research is done to know if the house is free from any lien and if the seller is the true owner of the house. It is also visible in the property research if the past owner or owners of the house have completed the requirements when they sold the house. You may also ask the government if how much you will pay for the tax when you decide to buy the house.

We all know that before buying a property such as a house, it is important to conduct a property title search. It is in here that we can find out if the property is safe to purchase. When conducting a property title search, you will be able to know if the house is free from liens and debits and how much tax you will pay if you decide to buy the house. You will find out the previous owner or owners of the house and if they have completed all the requirements when they passed the house to its new owner. You may also consult the help of a real estate agent to deal with this kind of matters or you may do this by yourself to avoid paying expensive fess of real estate agents.

After checking on the legal aspect of buying house, you may conduct a physical search on the house. Geographically speaking, it is important to check the house first before deciding to buy it. Check the safety of the house. If you have a baby, make sure it is child proof. Check also the wirings if it is safe. You should also conduct a survey on the surrounding of the house. Such as the neighbors if they are approachable or not. Ask if the area is prone to gang wars. You must know the nearest important facilities in your house such as the nearest hospital in case of hospital emergency. Ask for the nearest police station so that you will know where to ask for help. Check on the nearest school for your kids and the nearest fire station in case of fire accidents. Have a tour in the nearest store where in you can buy your needs. Check out the nearest church where you can practice your religion.

These are some of the important points why knowing who owns my house is important. Remember your safety should be on the top. Independence is useless if you do not feel safe in your own house.

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